Monday, October 19, 2020


Following the Learn Haskell recommendation, the FP study group at Recurse Center  worked through the fp-course exercises after finishing CIS 194.

The exercises seem to provide good practice, with modules like State and StateT requiring some mental gymnastics training..! 

The repo unfortunately has some incomplete tests files, so I transcribed a few from the comments into HSpec format for Parser.hs and MoreParser.hs:

The test cases were tedious but turned out to be worthwhile, since JsonParser.hs is comprised of more abstract parser combinators. (Interestingly, the parser combinator in CIS 194 is almost identical to fp-course in its building blocks... a coincidence, or a common design pattern?).

Anagrams and Cheque remain to be completed, but we're moving on to writing a toy database in Haskell (with the goal to complete in the last two weeks of the Fall 1 batch!).