Monday, October 7, 2019

Learn You a Haskell, Again

After a few failed attempts in past years, I feel like I've finally collected enough momentum and functional thinking to overcome the initial hurdle in learning Haskell.

Brent Yorgey's 2013 UPenn class was recommended by a few sources, so I worked through that over the past two or three months. The class pulls together material from Learn You a Haskell (LYAH), Real World Haskell (RWH) and lectures notes into 12 weeks of materials. There are 11 weekly assignments that culminate in Functors, Applicatives, and Monads. At this point, I think I need significantly more practice in the last topics... Overall, the reinforcement provided by two independent texts in addition to the course materials was quite helpful in triangulating new topics, both conceptually and through worked examples.

Some good next steps seem to be continue working through some later chapters in LYAH and RWH (with a particular interest in monadic parsing), as well as the next course suggested by